EleGo (english)

I am familar with electronical music for more than 30 years. It has started in the 80ies with a german radio show in WDR called „Schwingungen“.
From this time on, I always have planned to compose electronical music, but in fact the first realisation happened in the beginning of 2009. My Grandpa’s father was the conductor of the Nuernberger orchestra, so a sign to have music in blood.


I work mainly with Ableton Live and different VST Plugins and focus more on melodic electronic.

Otherwise I listen to Progressive Rock (for example Marillion), Indie Rock and classical music.

Here some comments from other artists and listeners:

„Beats, nice sounds and a happy melody let you feel to be on a sunny Saturday morning at the wadden sea“ (Tomcats Heaven)

„Harmonic sounds with melodic elements, which creates a unique and own effect. Relaxing and animatedly at the same time“ (NewMinutes)

„This is a journey in a distant world of sound“ (Jupupu)

„..which theorectailly has everything to be a hymn.“ (Realtime Project)

„I feel very relaxed when I listen these sounds“ (Matzumi)

„I must admit that it was a fantastic discovery to me. Nice and well done EM. 😉 Keep on the good work. I’m willing to hear more“ (Gambetis)

„buenisimo „electronic“ , buenesimo ¡¡¡¡“ (patdornier17)

„Very good music. It’s nice to hear Music from „new“ artists.“ (Bitty_2001)

„Very nice chilly style. The pads brings you to a comfortable sound feeling which is close to be hypnotic. Jean Michel Jarre is alive again : )))
I like it a lot“ (MadBob)

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