EleGo (english)

I am familar with electronical music for more than 30 years. It has started in the 80ies with a german radio show in WDR called „Schwingungen“.
From this time on, I always have planned to compose electronical music, but in fact the first realisation happened in the beginning of 2009. My Grandpa’s father was the conductor of the Nuernberger orchestra, so a sign to have music in blood.


I work mainly with Ableton Live and different VST Plugins and focus more on melodic electronic.

Otherwise I listen to Progressive Rock (for example Marillion), Indie Rock and classical music.

Here some comments from other artists and listeners:

„Beats, nice sounds and a happy melody let you feel to be on a sunny Saturday morning at the wadden sea“ (Tomcats Heaven)

„Harmonic sounds with melodic elements, which creates a unique and own effect. Relaxing and animatedly at the same time“ (NewMinutes)

„This is a journey in a distant world of sound“ (Jupupu)

„I feel very relaxed when I listen these sounds“ (Matzumi)

„I must admit that it was a fantastic discovery to me. Nice and well done EM. 😉 Keep on the good work. I’m willing to hear more“ (Gambetis)

„buenisimo „electronic“ , buenesimo ¡¡¡¡“ (patdornier17)

„Very good music. It’s nice to hear Music from „new“ artists.“ (Bitty_2001)

„Very nice chilly style. The pads brings you to a comfortable sound feeling which is close to be hypnotic. Jean Michel Jarre is alive again : )))
I like it a lot“ (MadBob)

„Many thanks for the minutes in which you enchanted me with your song. Very clean sound picture and very good arranged with a high chill factor. Perfect job ;-)“ (Moment 4 Sound)

„The track bears witness to an excellent symbiosis of the more ambient and melodic style. It seems as if some very fine sounds come from an infinite space. Nobody can guess, let alone see where they come from, they are just there and take the whole concentration. At the moment I can not describe the music simply. Very beautiful work.“ (Sachiko Musashi)

„This are the sounds which i like very much. After a busy day very relaxing. I like it a lot.“ (Timo Klangfeld)

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